Chocolate Artisanal Factory

Private Custom Trip

Half Day Tour

The tour is an unique opportunity, since there are few chocolate makers who also produce cocoa in the world, to have a comprehensive, and maybe flavor changing point of view about chocolate.

The trees planted in the Brazilian northeast, region with tradition of cultivating cocoa among the Native Atlantic Rainforest, grows under the “Cabruca” system, in which the taller trees are kept to provide shade for the cocoa ones. The most biodiverse agricultural system in the world that helps to preserve the original fauna and flora!

At the artisanal factory, where the chocolate is covered and processed, the visitors will be presented with a brief history of cocoa and chocolate, learn the difference of the craft bean to bar chocolate and the Industrial ones, and the importance of the ingredients and each process.

The visit will proceed to see the chocolate making, starting by sorting and roasting the beans, where the flavors are defined. Following, the beans are cracked and winnowed to separate the cocoa nibs from its husk and then put together with the other ingredients for refining and conching. After that, the chocolate is put to rest and age, maturing and improving the flavors. Finally, it is melted, tempered and molded for a shiny and inviting appearance and the bars are ready for packing and delivery.

At the end of the visit, there will be a tasting of the chocolates with varietal dark chocolates and also sweeter, milk and white options all of them made with the best ingredients.


Amenitie: water


Suggested schedule:

*Pick-up time at Hotel: 9:00am / 1:00pm

*Return to Hotel: 12:00pm / 4:00pm


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