Goat Cheese Artisanal Farm

Private Custom Trip

Full Day Tour


Spend a lovely day in the countryside, taste the best artisanal goat cheeses in Brazil, have a truly rural

The farmer is a passionate for cooking activities, had travelled to many of the world’s best markets, cooking shops, cheese farms and visited local producers who worked with matured and fungus made cheeses.

So uniting family´s talent, hard work and a very rich research, she developed with her cheese professionals the
actual 11 cheese catalog, including 4 created in the artisanal cheese factory. Besides the production, this gracious family runs a charming and cozy Bistro, serving many dishes related to goat´s cheese.

Before your tour, you will be delighted with a welcome coffee. And after learning the local history, goats’ life cycle, nutrition, mating, baby feeding, stables, milking, general management, milk production and use by the cheese factory, you will be introduced to a gourmet cheese tasting.

Also, a fine cuisine lunch will be served at the Bistro.

Amenities: Drinks, fresh fruits and snacks
*Lunch included

What to pack:

*Long sleeves shirts and pants

*Close-toed shoes

*Sun protection and insect repellent

Suggested schedule:

*Pick-up time at Hotel: 8:00am

*Return to Hotel: 6:00pm

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