Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe

Private Custom Trips

Full day tour


Explore a smaller island in a modern Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe. You will paddle in the North Shore Sao Paulo.

Our canoe tours are exclusively private for the number of people in your group. With the extra side stabilizer (ama), the outrigger canoe easily glides across the ocean and is the vessel of choice in rougher water. Guests will actively participate in the launching and landing of the canoe as well as paddling throughout the tour.

When you get there, you will walk along a quiet, deserted, soft, white sand island. Take your day off to rest listening to the birds singing and the sound of the ocean waves.
Also, you might snorkeling in the island. Water is clear and have schooling colorful fish to see.

Keep your eyes open for birds, crabs and sea turtles, and make sure you keep a camera handy for capturing the beautiful oceanic scenery.

This tour takes approximately 3 hours.

After the tour, you will have a mouthwatering lunch at a local Mediterranean restaurant.

Amenities: Drinks, fresh fruits and snacks
*Lunch included

What to pack:

*Bathing suit
*Sun protection and insect repellent

Suggested schedule:

*Pick-up time at Hotel in São Paulo: 7:30am

*Return to Hotel in São Paulo: 7:00pm

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