Source of the River Trail

Private Custom Trip

Half day tour


If you feel like having a quick getaway from the big city, we can take you to a special spot of nature among this concrete jungle.

The spot is located 40 minutes by car from downtown. Its 36 hectares of rainforest are home to 380 species of trees used for research and conservation. In addition to the vast range of flora, you may be lucky enough to see animals, such as green-billed toucans, sloths, howler monkeys, slaty-breasted woody rail and rodents that live freely in the park.

Enjoy the Lake of the Nymphs, formed by damming the Pirarungaua Creek, home of many nymphs aquatic plants highlighted in yellow, purple and pink flower, symbol of the place.

On the deathbed of the creek runs clear water where the species of Atlantic Forest were introduced. They serve as a reminder when we reflect on the importance of preserving our natural watersheds.

We invite you to touch the plants and feel the flavors and textures of the collection of herbs at the Garden of the Senses.

Take a hike with us at the trail situated above the ground level, built to create an advantage to the ecosystem: the ground is not compacted with footsteps. So the low growing vegetation regenerates and germinates easily. Track extension is around 720m (2,362ft).


Trail level: easy


*Amenities: Drinks, fresh fruits and snacks

What to pack:
*Close-toed shoes
*Sun protection and insect repellent


Suggested schedules:

*Pick-up time at Hotel: 8:30am / Return to Hotel: 12:30pm

*Pick-up time at Hotel: 1:00pm / Return to Hotel: 5:00pm

*Meals are not included

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